I have a problem with flip cases for the iPhone 5, or any such device, really. Although I welcome the extra protection they provide the screen, that flap, more often than not, just gets in the way. It dangles to the side when you’re sending a text, it dangles when you’re playing games, and it dangles when you’re talking on the phone. Moshi’s SenseCover for iPhone 5/5s addresses this problem for at least one use, and is certainly worth a look if you use your phone mostly for phone calls, but does such a person even exist anymore?

The Moshi SenseCover is designed so you can talk on your iPhone while the cover is actually over the touchscreen. There’s a slit at the top over the speaker so you can hear the caller, and a protected window allows you to see who’s calling.

See that strip towards the bottom? If you swipe your finger or thumb along that, you’ll be able to answer the call without even lifting up the cover flap. Not only is this very convenient, it also provides screen protection while you’re on the phone, and keeps the screen grease and fingerprint free. I found I did have to press a bit harder on the SensArray pads than I would have on the naked screen, but that never resulted in a missed call.

The inside of the screen cover is lined with a soft material that won’t scuff up your screen, while the outside is what Moshi calls a “hybrid leatherette.”

It’s very thin and easy to fold back, and snaps into place with a magnetic flap over one side of the iPhone. The other side has markings to indicate where the volume buttons are, but you don’t have access to the mute switch without opening the cover.

The back is a more standard polycarbonate hard shell in an elegant metallic finish (only available in steel black and brushed titanium). A circular cutout exposes the Apple logo, but Moshi includes a backside buffer to keep this protected, as well.

The SenseCover is as well-designed and manufactured as any Moshi custodie iphone 5s, but I imagine it has a pretty small target audience. Most users of folio cases buy them not only for the protection but for the added convenience of credit card / ID slots. The SenseCover has none. And although the ability to take and reject calls without opening the cover is great, I rarely use my phone for actual conversations. More often than not, I’ll need see the whole screen, in which case you’re still dealing with the extra flap.

I’m awarding the Moshi SenseCover a 4 out of 5 because it does exactly what it claims to, and it looks great doing it. But before you consider buying it, it’s up to you to evaluate if its main feature is something you really need.